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15 + Years of Coaching Experience





With an impressive coaching experience spanning over 15 years, Cal has has tried his best to leave a positive mark on all levels of basketball, from grassroots to professional. Now, he brings you a his services, designed to help athletes of all abilities conquer their dreams and achieve greatness. His ability to connect with players and produce remarkable results has become the very foundation of his training approach.

Cal has been helping Athletes reach their goals for over 8 years now. Notably he has helped Lily Carmody throughout her junior career to being a 16 year old in the WNBL in 2022/23. Isla Airey for years for which she made U16 and U18 VIC State Team and Emergency and Ryan Lethlean for making the Australian Goannas Squad in 2023 + many more he is proud of!

Private Training

For the past 8 years, Cal has been honing his expertise in skill development, refining a training approach that produces exceptional results. Having dedicated almost 15 years to coaching and training athletes of all ages and levels, Cal has perfected the art of delivering enjoyable and high-quality sessions that yield both short-term improvements and long-term benefits.

Presently, Cal is tirelessly coaching over 30 athletes in private sessions each week. If you're eager to experience Cal's transformative training firsthand and be among the fortunate few to benefit from his guidance, please click the link below to fill out a contact form.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your game with Cal's unparalleled coaching. Take the first step towards realizing your basketball aspirations today!



Are you ready to elevate your skills in a competitive and engaging environment? Look no further! Our group training sessions, known as "academy" sessions, are tailor-made for athletes like you who are eager to excel.
With a strict limit of 5 athletes per group, we ensure each participant receives personalized attention and valuable feedback. Our goal is to create fundamentally sound players who can make a significant impact on the game.

Due to overwhelming demand, our Saturday Academy sessions from 2-4pm are currently fully booked. However, we're excited to open up opportunities for the next term. If you don't want to miss out on the chance to join our Saturday Academy, please fill out the expression of interest form below.

School Holiday Clinics

For over 7 years Basketball Mentors has provided elite skill development clinics for Representative level and Domestic Level athletes.
Ranging from Our Annual Rep Tryout Preparation Clinic (*open for registration right now) to our Domestic Super Clinic. WE have something for all Junior Athletes.
We pride ourselves on our ability to not on provide great skill development during these clinics but also the ability to meet and be trained by professional plays. We have had the likes of Australian Opals Kristy Wallace and Anneli Maley, Commonwealth Games medalists Mareena Whittle and Bec Cole and NBL Players such as Adam Ballinger, Tom Wilson, and Owen Odigie



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