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We are local to the Bayside area of Melbourne, In the South Eastern Suburbs. Our players come to us from all over!

- McKinnon Cougars

- Waverly Falcons

- Knox Raiders

- Hawthorn Magic

- Dandenong Rangers

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Coach Cal has been coaching domestic and rep basketball for over 10 years. After an extensive playing career this highlights a year playing Division 2 College Basketball in North Carolina, USA and 2 seasons playing in Victoria BIG V, State Championship Men Cal turned his focus towards coaching where his passion lies.

Coaching U12, U14, U16 and U18 Rep for Sandringham and McKinnon as well as assisting NBL1 Mens and Women's teams for Sandringham. Cal now coaches U14.1s and Head Coaches Sandringham's Victorian Youth Championship Women's Team.

Cal's coaching skills lie in Skill development, specifically shooting and ball handling, confidence building and producing quick and long term results in individuals.

  • Luke Lowe, Mckinnon 14.1 Boys MVP

  • Lachy O'Brien, Mckinnon 14.6 Boys MVP

  • Millie Naffine, Mckinnon 14.3 Girls MVP Runner-Up

  • Arden Bailey, Mckinnon 14.2 Girls MVP

  • Nikita Antal, Mckinnon 14.2 Girls MVP Runner-Up

  • Natalia Hordejuk, Sandringham

  • Giselle Buckley, Sandringham

  • Christina Roberts, Sandringham

  • Zoe Pulling, Sandringham

 Australian Club Championships Silver Medalists
  • Lily Carmody, Mckinnon

  • Bethany Sexton, Mckinnon

  • Isla Airey, Mckinnon

  • Cleo Marsh, Mckinnon

  • Emily Logan, Mckinnon

  • Natalia Hordejuk, Sandringham

  • Christina Roberts, Sandringham

  • Zoe Pulling, Sandringham

Junior Classic representation
State team representatives

  • Kate Mahoney U/15 SCC

  • Natalia Hordejuk U/14 SCC

  • Isla Airey U/14 SCC

Representative MVP's X 5

What makes us different?

Basketball Mentors is not just the premier training institution in Melbourne, packed full of results, training systems, and expertise, but the most enjoyable! Our coaches are basketball players, who after years and years of being coached themselves have decided to bring their enthusiasm passion and expertise into teaching others. They way they wished they were taught!

Too many coaches these days do not know, or are unable to relate to and motivate the younger generation in an efficient, nurturing way. Because of this, many young athletes lack the confidence to enjoy and exceed in this amazing sport, or become "afraid". Afraid to make mistakes, afraid to try new things, afraid to stand out!


At Basketball Mentors we coach to the opposite. We coach, to improve enjoyment, we coach to remove any self-doubt related to confidence and we coach because we love too.


     Basketball gun

Dr. Dish is our brand new addition to our training programs. Soon to be available for use every morning and at all holiday clinics.

The shooting gun is a revolutionary way to expedite your shooting improvement, consistency, and ability. using the Dr. Dish you can shoot up to 600 shots in one hour! compare that to 400 max, if you have a dedicated rebounder who is willing to stand there and chase balls for you!.

Dr. Dish is used world-wide by the best of the best to shoot a large volume of shots and to save time!

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